What is Achieve Mastery Business Empowerment?

Achieve Mastery is the premier leader in human transformation.  We create powerful multi-day events for businesses and corporations. These events assist in creating a winning culture in any businesses. The effects of these powerful events will permeate every aspect of life for those who attend. This is the greatest gift a business can give it's team. Achieve Mastery also hold several public events per year.

What are the events like?

Achieve Mastery uses Experiential Learning to assist in raising Emotional Intelligence. Education has been a part of our lives since we were kids, but it’s largely been through what’s called “didactic learning.” Didactic is education through books, lecture, and memorization of facts.

Our curriculum is 75% experiential, which means you’ll be engaged in a variety of activities and exercises that create a direct experience, followed by reflection, which increases knowledge, develops your skills, and clarifies values. When we learn from memorizing facts we tend to forget them soon after. In Didactic learning you memorize the 50 capitols for each state, yet a few weeks or months later you forget up to 80%. Experiential learning is like learning to ride a bike or swimming. Even if you don't ride a bike or swim for multiple decades most people can do it again within a few minutes.

That’s because the experiential methodology allows you to make discoveries and experiment with knowledge yourself instead of hearing or reading about the experiences of others. The outcome is the development of new skills, attitudes, behaviors, ways of thinking and being. In fact, recent studies by Cornell and Stanford suggest that experiential education has an 85% retention rate long-term, verses just a 15% recall through didactic education.

How long are the events?

The custom events we create for businesses and corporations can be done in 2 1/2 working days (20 hours), or over the course of 12 weeks at 2 hours per week. The public events are 2 1/2 days over the weekend.

How do I know my company will benefit from attending?

Many people don't realize change can happen in an instant, but it can. We just need the awareness, the tools, the support, and the commitment to choose it. Achieve Mastery graduates have such extraordinary results so quickly because our curriculum is actually a highly developed and proven technology. Your people will experience a new awareness within the first hour of the event.

The second factor that makes our events unique is that we actually hold you accountable to apply the learning in your life. How many times have you gone to a seminar or workshop and been excited in the moment, then forgot about it a week later? We have created a vehicle of constant never ending improvement that you have access to when ever you feel the desire.

What is the cost to attend an event?

We create custom events with our client. The pricing is based on size and length of the event we create together.?

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